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How to Annoy Your Parents

Essay Brainstorm – How to Annoy Your Parents After you have listed all the things you can think of, you need to see if any of them fit together. I like to circle them in colors, then think of how they are related.
bug them after a long day at work wear your mom??™s shoes or clothes leave the milk out don??™t clean your room leave a mess when you??™re done in the kithchen get a tattoo without permission take things without asking leave the toilet seat up yell whine don??™t flush get zeros on homework leave a mess in the bathroom jump on the bed be sneaky wrestle with your brothers ignore them fight with brothers or sisters talk back don??™t do your chores leave crusty dishes under the bed don??™t eat your food talk when they are talking lie to them cheat on tests listen to their phone calls leave toothpaste in the sink fight at schooleat stuff you??™re not supposed to bring other annoying children home blame things on brothers or sisters mess up the bed after your mom made it fight with them mock themleave candy wrappers on the floor play loud music when they are on the phone dial when someone else is on the phone turn the TV on really loudIf you look at all the things circled in blue, they are all about being disrespectful or obnoxious. The red things all have to do with being messy or sloppy. The green ones are about getting in trouble at school. That gives you three easy paragraphs for the body of your essay. It also provides you with your introduction. All you have to do now is add in the details, paying attention to your 6 traits, especially sentence fluency, word choice and voice. (You have already done ideas, and the essay format provides organization.) You can worry about conventions when you do your final draft. The next step is to write an outline, to put your thoughts in order….. Essay Outline – How to Annoy Your Parents
1. Intro: ??? Be disrespectful or obnoxious ??? get in trouble at school ??? be messy or sloppy 2. Paragraph – Be disrespectful or obnoxious ??? Bug them after a long day a work ??? take things without asking ??? bring other annoying children home ??? fight with them ??? mock them ??? lie to them ??? turn on the TV really loud ??? talk when they are talking ??? ignore them ??? talk back ??? be sneaky ??? yell ??? whine 3. Paragraph – get in trouble at school ??? take things without asking ??? fight ??? mock the teacher ??? lie to the teacher ??? talk when the teacher is talking ??? ignore the teacher ??? talk back to the teacher ??? be sneaky ??? yell ??? whine ??? cheat ??? get zeros on homework 4. Paragraph – be messy or sloppy ??? don??™t clean your room ??? leave a mess when you are done in the kitchen ??? leave the milk out ??? leave the toilet seat up ??? mess up the bed after your mom makes it / jump on the bed ??? leave candy wrappers on the floor ??? don??™t flush ??? leave a mess in the bathroom ??? leave toothpaste in the sink ??? don??™t do your chores ??? leave crusty dishes under your bed 5. Conclusion

Corporate Compliance Plan

Riordan Manufacturing is a global producer of plastics with projected revenues of 46 million dollars and is a subsidiary of Riordan Industries. The manufacturing company has achieved significant growth since its inception in 1991, with over 550 employees and is now a contender in the international plastics market. With the manufacturing and sale focus on plastic beverage bottles and custom plastic parts, the major customers of Riordan are manufacturers of appliance, aircraft and automotive parts, beverage and bottle makers, and the Department of Defense. Research and development is managed from the corporate headquarters located in San Jose, California, plastic beverage containers are produced at the Albany, Georgia plant, custom plastic parts are produced at the plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts produced at the facilities in Hangzhou, China (University of Phoenix, 2010).
Riordan??™s commitment is that every employee abides to the highest moral and ethical standards of business. The officers and directors are responsible to promote a positive example of sound ethical business principles in their judgment and behavior and apply these standards in executing their duties. The objective of developing and implementing this corporate compliance plan is to instill workforce awareness, understanding, and compliance with all germane policies, regulations, procedures, and laws to the operation of Riordan Manufacturing.ANALYSIS OF ISSUES
Of the issues that Riordan faces, from employment structure, pay and global relocation, the area that requires the most attention for contingency management is the transfer of the business establishment in China. Riordan made recent strategic changes in order to remain competitive in the fast-paced global business environment and elected to move their operation in China from the Hangzhou site to a location in Shanghai over the ensuing five years (University of Phoenix, 2010). This change demands multiple strategic legal adjustments in the operation of Riordan Industries and more specifically in Riordan Manufacturing.
In order to minimize risk within the organization, it is imperative that management correctly apply the legal principles of business. Each legal issue or concern must be quickly, but carefully, evaluated and diagnosed before a correct solution can be applied. Business managers, and the leadership above them, call for a governance plan that will effectively and efficiently help them make these challenging decisions. This plan analyses the legal challenges confronting Riordan Manufacturing in the context of product liability, enterprise liability, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), international law, tangible and intellectual property, legal forms of business, and governance while offering solutions to enhance the quality of corporate decision-making and minimizing the impact of litigation to the company.

With Riordan changing suppliers because of relation and from the inexperience of the new workers, product liability can occur. Within the markets where Riordan products are sold and manufactured, management should insure that all products are in complete compliance with every part of product liability regulations. Industry standards should be researched, reviewed and implemented by Riordan even when regulations do not specifically require them as failure to attain industry standards can exacerbate tort liability (SAP AG, 2011).
Using international and federal regulations as the baseline for the industry standard, Riordan should contract an independent testing company to assess the company??™s manufacturing methods at all plants to avoid tort liability involving regulation non-compliance. Additionally, the directors and officers of Riordan should appoint an internal risk manager, who operates all activities under the guidance and consultation of the Chief Legal Counsel. The risk manager will ensure that the integrity of the independent tests so that the results are both reliable and credible. Internal audits and best business practice reviews should be conducted and standard operating procedures initiated and developed at all levels of the manufacturing process.
Proactive measures must be taken by the risk manager to correct all shortcomings in compliance practices and the necessary resources must be allocated to take the required protective action. Providing a violation transpires, the risk manager must then take the appropriate measures to notify the government and regulatory agency of the contingent country and follow up with a corrective action plan. This action will strengthen credibility and build a rapport with international and domestic regulatory agencies and can assist with damage control should the company be reported externally for non-compliance. Riordan can then affirm a solid record of self-monitoring.CONTRACT LIABILITY
Because of the decision to relocate the plant in China, Riordan will need to re-evaluate and rewrite supplier and vender contracts in order to mitigate the enterprise liability risk of the relocation plan. An agreement between two or more parties with specific terms in which consideration is held, where there is a promise to do something in return for worthy gain (Oman, 2007). Since contract laws are essential to most business dealings, it is one of the most significant areas of legal concern for Riordan. Clear and concise representation of requirements, ideas and desires are needed in order to eradicate any contractual misunderstandings.
While taking into consideration language and cultural obstacles, Riordan must provide superior management of contract agreements or risk losing vendor and supplier sponsors that could result in irrevocable damages to the company. Successfully managing contacts must be a defined cooperative endeavor between contract sponsors and Riordan while clearly specifying the interest of both sides within the scope of the contract. In order to preserve and enhance their business relationship, Riordan has an obligation to its contractors to minimize risk and avoid enterprise liability when revising contracts. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION
The surfacing of workplace conflict because of the location change in China is highly probable due to the displacement stress imposed on the employees of Hangzhou. Riordan must first comply with all local employment laws before and when they lay-off any Hangzhou employees. Next, an alternative dispute resolution framework must be in place to assist with likely disagreements that stem from the lay-offs.
An Alternate Dispute Resolution [or ADR], which includes such processes as mediation (the most common method), negotiation, arbitration, conciliation, and facilitation, is a cost effective and informal dispute resolution tool that allows the individuals in disagreement, to discuss and develop their own solutions. In most instances, the relationship between parties is maintained because of the flexibility to develop creative solutions that are generally not possible in court or during formal litigation (US Bureau of Land Mgmt, 2010).
Therefore, Riordan needs to structure an ADR process that complies with local laws and resolves any labor conflicts that occur from the relocation plan. Riordan??™s Chief Legal Counsel, Lowell Bradford should coordinate with Litteral & Finkel, the international law firm the company has on retainer to set the ADR structure in place.INTERNATIONAL LAW
In Riordan??™s case, the area of international law is particularly important due to the new strategic direction of the company with regard to the manufacturing facility in China involving a complex set of governing laws for business and manufacturing. To facilitate the complexities of Chinese business law, Riordan has retained the services of the global law firm of Litteral & Finkel who practices in all areas of international regulation and business law to include tax policy, ecological and industrial law, employment regulation, tariffs and trade limitation, and political solidity (McArdle & Sheppard, 2011). Riordan must rely on Litteral & Finkel to legally manage all potential infractions of the law that may transpire in China as a result of measures taken by Riordan or their employees. INTELLECUTAL & TANGIBLE PROPERTY
Any intangible industrial or trade secrets, processes, ideas, inventions, programs, formulas, data, copyrights, patents, trademarks, applications or software, or business methods that the Riordan workforce develops under the scope of employment is called intellectual property and has commercial value (US Department of Justice, 2004). This aggregate can be a considerable amount of the company??™s value.
Particular attention needs to be paid to intellectual property of patents. Recent legal demands from conglomerates as Cisco Systems, Apple and Microsoft are compelling companies to prove that their innovative claims were not just an obvious normal occurrence that they simply noticed and patented. As a result, existing holders of patents may be required by the courts to demonstrate the exclusive patentable matter of the claim before it can be considered exclusive (Bell, 2011).
Riordan should indemnify their existing patents, licenses and policies by re-evaluating or re-auditing their portfolio to protect against outside claim of property right violations and to reduce the risk of intellectual property liability. Any patent, license or policy needing revision should reflect the industry??™s current practices and be appropriately and accurately modified (Bell, 2011).
The officers and directors of Riordan must ensure that all tangible property, that has been purchased and invoiced, is maintained by a current inventory and that loan of said equipment is fully documented to avoid the possibility of the property fraudulently removed from the company during the relocation in China. Lack of transparency and accountability of assets can trigger intentional tort by the borrower and cause devastation in the accounting and reporting processes (Snyder, 1992). Consequently, Riordan must claim restitution for all property that is misappropriated against the company.LEGAL FORMS OF BUSINESS
The officers and directors of Riordan should take this overseas relocation initiative in China as an opportunity to evaluate their current legal form of business operation and make a systematic approach to help the company optimize processes within the law to achieve more efficient and beneficial results if called for. There may be economic advantages in changing the current legal form of business for the site in China as the employment law, VAT, tax laws, import and export regulations, foreign stock exchange structure, and the liability of operating in a new foreign location may be different, even within the same country, and can impact the eventual success of the organization (Rowbotham, 2009).
A team consisting of the risk manager, the Chief Legal Counsel, a representative of Litteral & Feckle, along with representation from the officers and directors should be appointed to evaluate the current legal form or business in the China operation and investigate current legal issues in the new location of Shanghai. A timeline with schedule deadlines and milestones will be agreed upon and a report presented to the officers and directors before phasing out the location at the Hangzhou site begins and initiating business at the new location in Shanghai.GOVERNANCE
Investors need to know that their venture capital will be protected and that there is a systematic set of processes in place that will protect them and their investment from undue risk. A certain amount of assurance is needed to attract and maintain sponsorship for a company and that the investment will be used as it was intended with some reasonable prospect of share return (Gregory, 2001). Effective corporate governance involves an ethical-driven set of corporate practices outlined for the company that are essential to assure a good business relationship is maintained between Riordan and their body of shareholders.
Therefore, the main focus of corporate governance is risk mitigation and enterprise risk management [ERM]. This framework includes a Committee of Sponsoring Organizations??™ [COSO] ERM guidelines and to affiliate ERM with Riordan??™s corporate governance. A comprehensive risk mitigation plan can then be developed that includes suitable preventive solutions ensuring productive corporate governance.
The risk mitigation approach instituted by COSO will assist Riordan??™s executives in understanding and managing the possible external and internal risks imposed the China relocation. By using the ERM model, Riordan can seamlessly and promptly transform the operation in Hangzhou to Shanghai by promptly predicting, identifying, prioritizing, and responding to enterprise risks (COSO, 2008)
In addition to the external risks involved with the relocation in China, Riordan must examine their internal procedures and policies to insure reputable and ethical practices transpire in accounting and financial reporting of the business. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was initiated to insure legitimate and genuine financial and accounting reporting practices are maintained. COSO??™s principles outline the ethical procedures and principles that public companies, regulators and independent auditors must follow to comply with the provisions set in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Riordan should commence a solid internal controls initiative that enforces ethical financial accounting and reporting practices (COSO, 2008).
The four components that comprise ERM and corporate governance are the synergetic composition of the shareholders, the vigilant structure of the board of directors, the commitment of the officers and directors, and the comprehensive resolve of the corporate compliance plan. Although the board of directors conducts business on behalf of the shareholders and share in the responsibility of corporate governance, they cannot assume the obligation to execute corporate compliance and risk management as that is the duty of the officers and directors of Riordan (Kaye & Graham, 2006). Riordan should distinctly identify and define the roles of corporate governance within the company and the officers and directors should be engaged with establishing and overseeing the performance of these functions. CONCLUSION
Only when a company is committed to discipline and excellence will corporate governance thrive and a superior corporate contingency plan exists. The officers and directors are directly charged with serving the interest of the company through their words and deeds. Sound corporate governance is simply good business and is the direct responsibility of the officers and directors. There may be an investment of energy, time and resources, but this is necessary to produce a successful plan that will provide tangible and intangible returns well beyond that of the small investment made.
The success of Riordans China relocation project, along with continued success of the company, hinges on the application of sound business principles and management. This corporate contingency plan prudently outlines the legal structure required to minimize the main risks while maximizing business opportunities when relocating the facility in China. This guidance is not intended to be all inclusive and further areas of risk management and process improvement might serendipity arise when the risk manager and appointed teams investigate risk mitigation within in the context of product liability, enterprise liability, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), international law, tangible and intellectual property, legal forms of business, and governance.

How Themes and Ideas Are Represented in Mandragora

Mandragora EssayHow The themes & Ideas are represented in mandragora100 years after the Dunarling shipwreck, two youngsters discovered dolls hidden secretly in a cave. These youngsters Adam Hardy and Catriona Chisholm, along with them were the school bullies, Richard Vernon and Mike Carter. The dolls discovered were Swith who was cursed with fire, Agley with mischance, Smeddum with foulness and Snell was cursed with the final destruction.
Adam and Catriona form a bond with each other, and as time unfolds and Adam starts having visions of the past he realises that Catriona looks just like Margaret Colquhoun, a survivor of the Dunarling. Adam tracks down two of these dolls that were held by Mike Carter and Richard Vernon. The dolls have control over Mike & Richard and posses them into setting fire to the hardware store, poisoning the water tank and crashing a bus. Tam Dubh, the fifth mandrake doll, warns Adam what is going to happen, so he manages to stop the last two events from completely occurring. Adam then destroys all of the dolls by throwing them over a cliff into the ocean. Throughout this story we have main themes & ideas which tie the events together, but how are they represented I??™m focusing on one main theme, Love & that its a challenge worth going for & a second subordinate theme that love does not change over time.How the theme of love is represented in the novel is through many different techniques.
First of all how does David MacRobbie convey through his writing what love means He uses the technique of the characters actions to signify that love is a challenge worth going for because the rewards are great. This is represented through the determination of Adam never wanting to give up on his feelings for Catriona. When Catriona believed all the rumors about Adam poisoning the water tank, she was angry and disappointed in him, but he still kept his head high and persisted to convince her she was wrong, this was achieved when Catriona saw the stained clothes in Mike??™s Garage.Another technique that is used is through the setting. The setting of a scene can represent different themes, in this story we have the cave which symbolises love. It starts off with Adam Hardy preparing and planing himself to approach his one true love Catriona Chisholm. He smiles to himself and thought about how he??™d approach her. ???Hi, Catriona, doing a bit of beach combing, eh Mind if I walk with you???. Once he builds up his confidence he is embarrassed & humiliated by Richard Vernon and Mike Carter. He is spun widely around by Richard who pushes and sends him rolling down a cliff path. While this is taking place Catriona is watching and hurries to his side and scoops sand off to free him. After Mike and Richard appear to the scene Catriona spots a small triangular opening which appears from the sand, developing to be big enough for someone to crawl inside. Suddenly Catriona realises that this cave could be ???their cave??™, Jamie Ramsay??™s cave, which people call it. The cave which Jamie Ramsay and Margaret Colquhoun sheltered in for 3 days. They hid from the storm together which creates the feeling of safety and security which represents the theme of love.My subordinate second theme is how love doesn??™t change over time, this is represented through the similarities of the parallel lives Adam and Catriona experience in comparison to Jamie and Margaret survivors of the Dunarling shipwreck. A similarity which love is connected to is the challenges that the parallel lives take on together, and how in everyone of those challenges it brings them closer and they work together and never give up. The challenges that both parallel lives experience are the fire on the Dunarling ship & the attempt of the fire in the hardware store, The poisoning of the water on the ship & how the water tank is also nearly poisoned, how the masts were cut on the ship & how the brakes were cut on the bus. Throughout the novel these events bring Adam & Catriona closer together which makes their relationship stronger and develops into love which is also shown in lives of Jamie & Margaret. Through this Macrobbie creates the meaning of love and that it??™s the same as it was 100 years.He also shows it through the dialogue. ???Thats what lips were made for???, Catriona said and kissed him again and this time he vowed she??™d have to be the one to break away. Soft dialogue & emotive language is used to express passionate feelings of love which is another aspect of how love is represented. Throughout the story Adam is falling more and more in love with Catriona and the dialogue shared between the two characters becomes more intimate.In conclusion the theme love in this novel is represented through different techniques & Macrobbie relies on these techniques to show the love between his characters. My main theme love is firstly represented through the characters actions. Macrobbie conveys that love is a challenge worth going for because the rewards are great this is shown through the determination of Adam never wanting to give up on his feelings for Catriona. Through the technique of setting, the cave symbolises love, the use of soft dialogue creates the feeling of love between the two characters. The second theme connected to these was having the characters experience parallel lives which shows that love doesn??™t change over time, Its the same as it was 100 years ago when Jamie Ramsay and Margaret Colquhoun survived the shipwreck which was a difficult, intense & emotional experience and now in present Adam Hardy and Catriona Chisholm have also fallen in love.

Corporate Compliance Plan

Corporate Compliance Plan
June 22, 2011
Memo to: Riordan Officers and Directors
Re: Managing Legal Liability
This memo implements enterprise risk management such as prevention and management strategies for Riordan officers and directors (O/D) to implement in areas of legal risk based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission??™s (COSO) recommendations. COSO in a voluntary private organization that helps businesses establish, ???more effective, efficient, and ethical business operations on a global basis.??? (COSO, 2008).Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Legal Principle: ADR is an alternative form of settling legal disputes that is less costly and time consuming than courtroom litigation. (Jennings, 2006). Binding arbitration, for example, is where the dispute cannot be escalated to a formal litigation. (Jennings, 2006).
Laws: Business torts include intentional, liability, and strict tort liability such as invasion of privacy, negligence??”when a party does not live up to the expected standard of care, or strict tort liability??”when there are few defenses to a direct violation of a federal law. (Jennings, 2006).
Liability: Riordan??™s O/D who will be held liable for the tort of negligence if, for example, a custom heart valve is defective causing harm or death to the patient. (UOP, 2008). Legal consequences may include fines or prison time. (Jennings, 2006).
Prevention: Proper quality and control; meet ISO 9000 standards in the research and development (R&D) department (UOP, 2008); ensure proper disposal of chemical substances and wastes (Jennings, 2006); proper training on factory equipment. (Jennings, 2006).
Detection: Proper management practices will aid in the detection of potential violations. These include: constant worker feedback, monitoring of products, checking of manufacturing equipment, customer services surveys, and maintaining good customer and employee relations.
Mitigation: Contracts should go through Litteral & Finkel for review (UOP, 2008); correct potential ADR issues; give problems proper attention; if a piece of machinery is defective, it should be fixed immediately; if an OHSA violation is reported, follow proper guidelines. (Jennings, 2006).
Rights of parties: Parties have the right to choose who will conduct the ADR and what venue. In binding ADR, further ligation is not an option. (Jennings, 2006).
Handling violations: Violations should be handled through binding arbitration through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). (Carper, 2008). Parties will be given 7 days to choose a preferred arbitrator. Parties may use lawyers. After the hearing, the arbitrator will reach a decision within 30 days. (Carper, 2008).
Call counsel: As soon as an issue arises, call the legal services of Litteral & Finkel. (UOP, 2008).Enterprise and product liability
Legal principle: An enterprise is liable for worker safety and product safety. (Jennings, 2006). Product liability claims can be brought against anyone who sells a product. (Jennings, 2006). Claims or actions are brought against personal injury, death caused by manufacture, design, formula, preparation, assembly, testing, warnings, instructions, marketing, packaging or labeling of products. (Jennings, 2006). Workers can also bring suits against the enterprise if they get injured on the job. (Jennings, 2006).
Laws: Under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), regulatory agencies have rules and regulations that require compliance by congress such as the Clean Air Act, Civil Rights Act, and Occupational Health and Safety Act. (Jennings, 2006). Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) laws protect consumers from, ???unreasonable risks or injury from consumer products.??? Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose (UCC ?§ 2??“315) protects consumers. (Jennings, 2006).
Prevention: Abide by laws and regulatory compliances; maintain and clean a safe working environment to lessen workplace mishaps and contamination of products; add disclaimers on products to warn against potential harm or dangers of products; meet the International Standard Organization??™s 9000 guidelines for Quality Assurance and Quality Management; comply with government regulatory agency compliance standards and guidelines. (Jennings, 2006).
Detection: Encourage workers to come forward with complaints of noncompliance and safety issues; implement an ???open door??? policy; report all safety and regulatory noncompliance issues to human resources. (Jennings, 2006).
Mitigation: Comply with laws on safety standards and requirements of government regulatory agencies in product quality and control. (Jennings, 2006).
Correction: Correct issues using guidelines of noncompliance regulations. (COSO, 2008).
Call council: As soon as a violation of noncompliance is reported. (Jennings, 2006).International law
Legal principle: In international business transactions, a dispute might not be allowed to be litigated in the court it was brought to because it may be geographically inconvenient or otherwise inappropriate to serve judgment. (Jennings, 2006). One example is when conflicts arise from different interpretations of the law in business contracts. (Jennings, 2006).
Laws: Laws vary in different countries. (Jennings, 2006). The United States and England follow Common Law. For example, when there is a tort of negligence, they follow the common law doctrine of negligence. Civil law or code law is followed in other European countries. (Jennings, 2006). Other countries follow Islamic law or a combination of civil and Islamic law. Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), all contracts are considered to be in good faith. (Jennings, 2006).
Liability: The consequences of breeches of international law have severe and damaging effects for officers and directors including fines and imprisonment. (Jennings, 2006).
Prevention: Avoid ambiguous language in business contracts; make sure the contracts are clear, concise, easy to read and easy to understand; ensure that the contract includes a form of ADR, preferably binding mediation or arbitration. (Jennings, 2006).
Detection: Examine contracts extensively for unclear words or phrases. (Jennings, 2006). (UOP, 2008).
Mitigation: Be aware of legal rights and governance of laws in the host country of operations as well as treaties, tariffs, and organizations that affect international contracts; insure Riordan with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). (Jennings, 2006).
Rights of parties: Rights are dependent on the law governing the host country. Parties have the right to move to Forum Non Conveniens. (Jennings, 2006).
Handling violations: the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) handles arbitration cases from parties in 123 countries. (Jennings, 2006). The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) provides federal insurance for U.S. investments and insures for expropriation, inability to convert currency, and loss of profits from war. (Jennings, 2006). The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) picks litigation venues and which country??™s law applies under the Model Law for Arbitration. (Jennings, 2006).
Call counsel: To inquire about foreign laws and potential areas of litigation. (Jennings, 2006). Tangible and intellectual property
Legal principle: Tangible and intellectual property is protected by property law, patents, trademarks, and copyrights so that the investments of companies like Riordan that invest large amounts of money into R&D can be recouped. (Jennings, 2006) (UOP, 2008). Patents, trademarks, and copyrights create an environment of global competition so that bigger, better, and more competitive designs will be explored in a competitive environment which benefits the consumer. (Jennings, 2006).
Laws: The law protects any tangible property owned by the company that can be seen and touched such as the building and land in which the business is located. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8, of the U.S. Constitution concerning intellectual property protection of patents and copyrights protect against intangible property such as Riordan??™s patents for plastic bottles and fans. (Jennings, 2006). (UOP, 2008). Copyrights are protected by the Copyright Act [17 U.S.C. Sec. 410 (d)]. (Ferrera, Lichtenstein, Reder, et. al., 2004). Utility patents protect new and useful processes, machines, articles of manufacture, composition of matter, and other new and useful improvements, and last for 20 years. (Ferrera, Lichtenstein, Reder, et. al., 2004). Design patents laws protect new designs of manufactured materials, and last for 14 years. (Ferrera, Lichtenstein, Reder, et. al., 2004). Trademarks are protected by the Lanham Act of 1976. [(15 U.S.C., Sec. 1127 (2000)]. (Jennings, 2006).
Liability: Officers and directors are liable for personal property with documents of title such as land, property, and delivery trucks; personal property transferred by bill of sale such as inventory and goods for sale such as automobiles or car parts; leased equipment such as machinery and office equipment; bailments or temporary transfer of possession of personal property; and intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents. (Jennings, 2006). (Ferrera, Lichtenstein, Reder, et. al., 2004). Violations can result in heavy fines. (Jennings, 2006). Civil suits and federal criminal penalties can also be brought against the company. (Jennings, 2006).
Prevention: Be aware of the property liability laws and provide solutions for vandalism, theft or damages to property; know how much air rights Riordan??™s properties have, how high the buildings can be built, or how much light ownership there is; know the laws surrounding rental bailments??”for example, when Riordan leases equipment, it is Riordan??™s duty to take care of that equipment; be wary of vague exculpatory clauses in bailments; be aware that putting disclaimers does not necessarily disclaim liability. (Jennings, 2006). (UOP, 2008).
Detection: To detect breeches of rights, checking systems should be put in place to ensure that other company??™s designs are not infringed; managers should know when a design can and cannot cross a boundary??”there are grey areas. (Are designs protectable, 1991). For example, any plastic bottle can have a screw cap but the shape of the cap might be patented. (UOP, 2008.
Mitigation: Register written material they want to protect at the U.S. Copyright Office; educate employees on the laws surrounding enterprise and product liability; consult the corporate lawyer on property laws, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. (Ferrera, Lichtenstein, Reder, et. al., 2004).
Correction: Issues must be given proper and full attention. If a design of a fan, for instance, looks too similar to another company??™s, immediate adjustments must be made to alter the design so as not to infringe on patented material. (Ferrera, Lichtenstein, Reder, et. al., 2004).
Rights of parties: Parties reserve the right to copyright, trademark, and patent their designs and can sue for infringement if violated. (Are designs protectable, 1991). Once the patent, copyright, or trademark has expired, it can be renewed or another one can be registered that is seen as newer and more improved. (Are designs protectable, 1991).
Handling violations: Bring property issues to the attention of Litteral & Finkel. (UOP, 2008).
Call counsel: Seek counsel promptly on all patent, trademark and design issues. (Jennings, 2006).Legal forms of business
Legal principle: Legal forms of businesses dictate the rights and liabilities of owners. Riordan is a corporation governed by federal and state laws for corporations.
Laws: The UPA or Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governs legal forms of doing business. Corporations are treated as persons under the law, can hold title to property, can sue or be sued, are taxed separately, are funded by shareholders, and managed by a board of directors. Dissolution can only take place in a majority shareholder vote. Corporations are entitled to, ???unlimited duration, free transferability of interest, limited liability for shareholders/owners, continuity, and centralized management.??? According to the Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA), formal filing of articles of incorporation upon formation should include the corporation name, names of the incorporators, the share structure, and statutory agent.
Liability: CEOs are required to certify financial records or they will be held liable for false financial statement certification. (Jennings, 2006). Shareholders have personal liability if the company is watered or the corporate veil is lifted. (Jennings, 2006). For instance, creditors can raise the corporate veil and go after personal assets in inadequate compensation. (Jennings, 2006).
Prevention: Do not use the corporation as a personal resource; treat it as a separate entity so as to avoid the alter ego theory; to avoid inadequate capitalization, each owner must place the same amount of capital risk that will reasonably cover business expenses; follow the Sarbanes-Oxley key provisions and train everyone in the company on corporate ethics. (Jennings, 2006).
To detection: Employ an audit committee that has at least one financial expert under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and ensure he or she has no financial ties to the company. (Jennings, 2006).
Mitigation: Have the director or CEO check that all financial statements are correct. (Jennings, 2006).
Correction: Correct financial statements and other documents with errors. (Jennings, 2006).
Rights of parties: Parties have the right to resolve the issue through ADR. (Jennings, 2006).
Handling violations: Bring violations to the attention of Litteral & Finkel (UOP, 2008) and manage sanctions professionally in a timely and efficient manner. (Jennings, 2006).
Call counsel: When an illegal form of doing business is discovered or suspected. (COSO 2008).Corporate governance
Legal principle: It is the moral obligation and social responsibility of Riordan to implement and set the tone of high ethical standards at the top. Accountants, lawyers, directors, and officers are, in particular, required to follow laws on governance and financial reporting. Businesses are also given certain guidelines to uphold an environmental tone of ethical responsibility.
Laws: The Sarbanes-Oxley; the Federal the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CADCFA); Electronic Espionage Act (EEA); the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act; the USA Patriot Act. (Jennings, 2006). Other laws include federal statutes on business crimes such as the Securities Exchange Acts, the Sherman Act, the Internal Revenue Act, environmental statutes, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and Consumer Product Safety. (Jennings, 2006).
Liability: Legal consequences for officers and directors can be severe and may include heavy fines, community service, or prison time. For example, Martha Stewart sold her ImClone shares the day because she was given a ???tip-off;??? she was sentenced to 5 month in prison.
Prevention: Use the code of ethics guidelines (UOP, 2008) and follow the Sentencing Commission??™s guidelines in setting the ethical tone. (COSO, 2008).
Detection: Detect unethical business decisions using the ???Blanchard and Peale??? model, ???Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper Test,??? or ???The Wall Street Journal Model???. (Jennings, 2006).
Mitigation: Include training in ethics (UOP, 2008); encourage anonymous and self-reporting. (Jennings, 2006).
Correction: Impose investigations and sanctions according to the violation. (Jennings, 2006).
Rights of parties: Parties have the right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment, the right to due process under the Fifth Amendment, the right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment, and other rights as dictated by the criminal justice system. (Jennings, 2006).
Handling violations: Consult with O/D for sanctions. (UOP, 2008).
Call counsel: When dealing with a violation of the code of ethics or when faced with weighing legal risks. (COSO, 2008).Dangers of hazardous wastes
Legal principle: To avoid potential harm to others, it is Riordan??™s ethical duty and legal duty to ensure that our manufacturing facilities follow specific guidelines in the disposal of hazardous materials. (Jennings, 2006).
Laws: The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA) requires enterprises to respond directly to releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances that may endanger public health or the environment. (Jennings, 2006).
Liability: A suit could be brought against Riordan if someone gets hurt from hazardous substances through negligence. (UOP, 2008).
Prevention: Ensure toxic substances are disposed of properly. (Jennings, 2006).
Detection: Have checking systems in place to detect the problem.
Mitigation: Follow Riordan??™s post project review process. (UOP, 2008).
Correction: Follow CERCA guidelines and work with them to resolve the issue. (Jennings, 2006).
Handling violations: Bring violations to the attention of Litteral & Finkel in a timely and efficient manner. (UOP, 2008). Parties have the right to resolve disputes through ADR. (Jennings, 2006).
Call counsel: When a violation is reported. (Jennings, 2006).

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How the Sun Came About

???Here Comes the Sun???
There once lived a boy, Eric, and a girl, Hannah. They met in the forest while trying to find food and water. The two fell madly in love. Hannah and Eric shared their shelter, food, drink, and warmth. The only problem was, they never could see each other because there was no light. The world was the midnight sky and was extremely cold, every second of the day. People stayed warm by making clothes out of plants and animals, but clothes did not do enough. Most died in their twenties by being frozen to death.
On a gloomy night, during one of the coldest months of the year, the sky was out of control. It was pouring rain and it did something no one had ever seen. LIGHTNING. Booming out of control, the lightning scared Eric and Hannah. It had been the first time they could see something. They were very, very scared, but they found something that may have been one of the greatest discoveries in the world. Lightning struck a small tree next to their hut. It caught on fire and burned for the next few days.
Eric and Hannah loved this fire. Fire made it so they could finally see each other. Eric was smart and handsome. His triangular face with his sharp chin was great for killing bugs on the ground to eat. Hannah was strong and beautiful, but one day, she put her head too close to the fire, and burned her eyebrows off. Hannah was very sad and upset. She mourned every day after the incident. She felt like an outcast and wanted her eyebrows back. But with this magnificent tree, they could cook, boil water to bathe, and stay warm during the coldest nights. What they didn??™t know was that fire burns out, just like this tree will burn out and fall into ashes.
The fire finally burned out after a week. Eric was very sad. He wanted the fire back and couldn??™t wait until the next thunderstorm, which wouldn??™t happen until another two weeks. Hannah, on the other hand was extremely happy. She was happy by the fact that no one could see her eyebrows again. She stopped her mourning and became happy again. But her happiness ended after two weeks. Another thunderstorm came, and lighting struck another small tree. This time, Eric wanted this fire to last as long as possible, so he made a plan. He realized that the last fire didn??™t last long because it was a small tree. The problem was, the fire again caught onto a small tree. Eric??™s plan was to find the tallest tree and put it on fire. He took a big branch from the burning tree and out it against he tallest tree in the forest. The big tree caught on fire. This tree was so tall that it touched a planet high up in the sky. The planet caught on fire and stayed on fire until who know when it will die out. The world was a place full of light and warmth. Everyone could see and was never cold, so the life span increased dramatically. Poor Hannah.. she has to go through her eyebrow situation again. Eric couldn??™t stand the pain Hannah was going through, so one night, he too got too close the the fire, and burned off his eyebrow. THE END

Corporate Compliance Plan

Running Head: Corporate Compliance PlanCorporate Compliance Plan
November 16, 2010? Introduction
To develop a corporate compliance plan for Riordan Manufacturing six areas of concern will be addressed; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), enterprise and product liability, international law, tangible and intellectual property, legal forms of business, and governance. Also included are the relevant compliance standards and procedures, employee-training programs, monitoring and auditing systems. As well as the enforcement, procedures and responses where there is any breach of the compliance plan, what actions will be taken, and what corrections are needed to be made.
Organization Overview
Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry, who had obtained several patents relative to processing polymers into high tensile strength plastic substrates, founded Riordan Manufacturing. Sensing the commercial applications for his patents, Dr. Riordan started Riordan Plastics, Inc. in 1991 (University of Phoenix, 2006). Dr. Riordan??™s focus was on research and development (R&D) and the licensing of its existing patents, but in 1992 the company obtained venture capital, which was used to purchase a fan manufacturing plant in Pontiac, MI. At that time, the companys name was changed to “Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.” In 1993, the company expanded into the production of plastic beverage containers when it acquired a manufacturing plant in Albany, GA (University of Phoenix, 2006).? 
Alternative Dispute Resolution
All discrepancies, discord and conflict that sometimes occur amongst employees, associates and management at any given time are subject of leadership, and negligence of compliance guidelines set forth shall prompt the use of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The ADR clause is non-inclusive of personal conflicts arise within the company unless the productivity is compromised. Employees are encouraged to implement the chain of command by contacting an immediate supervisor as a first attempt to resolve issues. If the immediate supervisor does not resolve issues or if it involves that immediate supervisor the employee is advised to report the issue to the HR department by using the designated compliance hotline available to all employees via the intranet.
Mediation will be used in effort to resolve the issues. The disputing parties are encouraged but not forced to participate in an informal mediation process. The mediator is not responsible for the decision, but to act as a liaison between disputing members to resolve the issue at hand. If resolved by using meditation, and agreement is made it is noted by the mediator and it will be recorded by the CCO and is binding. Upon honest attempts to resolve issues with mediation, unresolved disputes amongst the parties after 48 hours they will then agree to the next step in the ADR clause called arbitration. A neutral party that does not have a stake in the outcome will make the final judgment. Arbitration is used when parties cannot resolve their personal conflicts through negotiation and communication. This could be effective way to solve any personal disagreements aroused in any team. Arbitration is private and confidential. Using ADR will keep the cost down on litigation.
Enterprise and Product Liability
There are liabilities that have been identified, including those under the enterprise umbrella. Enterprise liability Criminal liability imposed on the entire firm for the crime committed by a constituent business, department, or unit. One major method protocol to implement the monitoring of all internal control systems via the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) of the Treadway Commission has been put in place. The risk manager is expected to oversee all aspects relating to our enterprise liabilities with support of the COSO. The COSO framework defines internal control as a process, affected by an entity??™s board of directors, management and other personnel, designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives in the following categories: Effectiveness and efficiency of Operations, Reliability of Financial Reporting, Compliance with applicable laws and regulations (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission, 2010). The COSO internal control framework encompasses five related components taken from business management. According to COSO, these components provide an effective framework for describing and analyzing the internal control system implemented in an organization as required by financial regulations such as the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This provides governance of securities transactions on the secondary market (after issue) and regulates the exchanges and broker-dealers in order to protect the investing public (Securities Exchange Act of 1934, n.d.).
Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. will record all reports of design processes, warranties, manufactured defects and product safety features. If a product engineer identifies a possible hazardous feature, the defect must be documented immediately. Failure to document the defect could result into a legal dispute favoring the plaintiff. Proper documentation of all safety features and warnings will aid in avoiding such issues. The design and development will be responsible for testing of the products this to avoid recalls and any legal issues that might arise from this. The legal team will be responsibly for supporting the design and development team of all necessary protocol before releasing items to the public.Tangible and Intellectual Property
The literal definition of tangible property is anything which can be touched, which includes real property, personal property, immovable property and moveable property. All tangible property of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. will be secured using the following methods:
??? Automatic locking system of all sensitive areas
??? Automatic/timed alarm system
??? Team of security personnel will be selected to monitor the required areas 24 hours a day.
??? Background checks for all employees working in high security areas and those with access to sensitive company data
Any Riordan employee will be subject to immediate termination, if found guilty of the removal of any tangible property without prior approval or taken negligent of company standards of ethics. The manager of the accused may opt to pursue ADR, if reasonable doubt of the accusation occurs. All employees have the right to ADR.
Intellectual property is ownership of ideas. Unlike tangible assets to your business such as computers or your office, intellectual property is a collection of ideas and concepts. There are only three ways to protect intellectual property in the United States: through the use patents, trademarks or copyrights. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. protects intellectual properties by the use of patents, copyrights and trademarks. Intellectual property is divided into two categories: Industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications of source; and copyright, which includes architectural designs. Because Riordan is the innovator among plastic manufacturers, the importance to protect our ideas is vital. Thus stating the necessity of protecting intellectual properties, the following protocol will be put in place to aid in avoiding legal issues: ??? Contracts between Riordan Manufacturer??™s Inc. and architects/product designers in agreement to create products/designs for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. and under the Riordan brand
??? Research and product development team: responsible for research and benchmarking to protect our innovative efforts
??? Updates of any additional intellectual property updates from the legal team to secure all assets
Legal Forms of Business
Riordan Manufacturing is a US corporation so it subject to the laws associated with a corporation. This compliance plan will focus on the laws associated the liability of the directors and officers of Riordan Manufacturing. Having the ???corporate veil??? will not protect the individual corporate officers of Riordan so this plan is critical to the protection of the board and its members. Since Dr. Michael Riordan is the president and CEO of the corporation, his personal risks are also established.
The Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA) is considered the law of corporations and will be the backbone of this corporate compliance plan. Since the corporate office is in San Jose, California, Riordan Manufacturing is to follow the specific laws associated with the California MBCA. These laws are to be incorporated into the employee handbook and also made available on the company intranet for employees.Governance
Riordan Executive Managers and Directors are involved with the responsibility to insure compliance with the organization strategy, policies, guidelines and accountability to the stakeholders in the organization. The issues that are requiring corporate governance principles include internal controls, oversight and management of risk, oversight of the entity??™s financial statements, and review of the compensation arrangements for the CEO and other executives. Corporate governance must go beyond the duties and responsibilities; it must go beyond the law. It must strive to meet well defined, written objectives that are fair, efficient and transparent. Financial reporting is a vital component necessary for corporate governance to function effectively. Executive Management should expect the financial information to be in compliance with statutory and ethical obligations as prepared by accountants and auditors competence.
International Law
Riordan operates as US Corporation however; it is involved in a joint venture with China. There are different laws in China that the company is responsible for upholding. Riordan??™s in China will have to figure out how to deal with the hazardous waste at the Hangzhou plant. As Riordan continues to grow as an international organization, management needs to make sure that all plant operates legally and ethically, and that operations are uniform in all of its location. The Compliance Plan, which includes the written code of ethics that all the employees are held accountable for upholding. The Plan will also make sure that the operation of the company is in accordance with US Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), which enforces compliance with United States sanctions against embargoed countries. The Plan will make sure that the export policy is in accordance with United States export administration regulations. The Plan states that the company is to be in complete compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) that prohibits offering, extending, accepting, requesting bribery in any form. The last thing that the Plan will do is to have an effective internal controls; this will include monitoring, audits, reporting, and strict compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.Reference:
University of Phoenix. (2006). Riordan Manufacturing [Computer Software]. Retrieved November 14, 2010 From: University of Phoenix, Simulation, LAW531 website
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.? (2010).? Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.? Retrieved November 14, 2010 From:

How the Production Process

How the Production Process
Since I have taken an introduction to business classes this semester, I have learned a lot of information in the field of business such as; how to start a business, how to make customers satisfied with their services, how to the production process with a value, and so on. Based on my studying, I will explain the importance of making products or services add its own value by using the idea of how the production process and quality assurance system works in a business area.
According to the dictionary, quality control can be defined as a system for verifying and maintaining a desired level of quality in a product or process by carefully planning, the use of proper equipment, continued inspection, and corrective actions as required. It is usually applied during or after production. Quality control could also be described as the process of monitoring the result of a specific project to determine if they comply with relevant standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance. Moreover, there is another term such as quality assurance, which can be defined as a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met. It could also be described as making quality the responsibility of everyone at all stages of production of the goods and services. These things might be able to add in an enormous amount or value for the product.
A variety of products could experience a series of production processes. The owner of the company might try to develop a value of their products by using the amount of quality control since every company knows how much profit could be made during the production process. Even though there are a lot of things which can make a profit such as satisfying customers, but most of the profits were created during the production process, as people might guess. As people make a product by using cheap costs of raw materials, they can make much more profits than any other methods after selling a finished product. But, in this process, if the owner of the company makes sure the customers that their products has a great value, those products are strongly attractive to customers, which leads to the company making a lot of money.
Quality control is performed in the whole manufacturing process in order to find anything wrong with the product which will not be able to sell to customers. Sometimes doing quality control may cause waste; though, this is because the company in a business area would want to throw it away. But, the examination of products through quality control could help the company make products according to a satisfaction standard to be sold for customers.
Quality assurance happens when a product is produced and it is suitable to be sold at the quality of a customer assurance. However, if the quality of a product could not be reached to the limitation which fits the satisfaction of customers, the product is not appropriate to be sold according to the quality assurance of the product. The owner of the company should always consider a product that is produced in order to avoid problems with the products and complaints from customers who eventually want their money back because they would not be satisfied, and this could cause a negative effect on the reputation of the company. Therefore, establishing the standard of a product is strongly vital to any business as to when a product comes to a customer, they might decide whether they still have and use it or return a product, which is strongly based on the standard of a product customers might expect.
To sum things up, products must be inspected in order to standardize its quality and value for satisfying the needs of customers, and this can be done by imposing some terms such as quality assurance and quality control. As a company tries to make an effort on developing their business and make a good product which fits a standard, the owner of the company could get a good reputation and also gain a lot of money successfully.

Corporate Compliance Plan

Corporate Compliance Plan Corporate Compliance Plan
Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. With facilities is San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China (UOP, 2010). As officers and directors in this corporation you all know that Riordan wants to remain committed to the high standards set forth by founder Dr. Riordan. I have prepared the following corporate compliance plan to ensure that his vision remains alive.
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
ERM will be based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO). Using their recommendations ERM will be instituted to mitigate the legal liabilities of directors, officers, and all other employees of Riordan. In reviewing the current policy, Riordan retains the services of an independent law firm to deal with all of its legal issues. However, this company has no alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process in place. According to the website, an alternative dispute resolution provides an alternative to going to court to settle disagreements, methods include arbitration, where disagreeing parties agree to be bound by the decisions of an independent third party, and mediation where a third party attempts to arrange a settlement between two sides (, 2009). ADR in the form of mediation will be used by Riordan to solve any conflicts internally with employees as well as externally with customers or other business partners. Mediation will save money and avoid long legal battles that could have a negative effect on the company??™s public image. Enterprise Liability
Enterprise liability can be defined as criminal liability imposed on the entire firm for the crime committed by a constituent business, department, or unit (, 2010). In essence as a manufacturing business with four fully operational facilities including a plant in China, Riordan is an at risk company. Further explained Riordan assumes the majority of any criminal liability for the acts of its agents, departments, and partnerships. In direct response to the aforementioned statement, Riordan has issued a policy manual with a strict disciplinary process. The manual warns workers that all employees are to comply with letter, spirit, and intent of all relevant laws, and to refrain from any illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct (UOP, 2010). To further ensure that Riordan??™s policies are followed the quality control department will be used to make certain that all products are free from defects and that international laws are respected. This is of vast importance because of the facility in China. Riordan must remain cognizant of Chinese laws and customs.
Product Liability
In its mission Riordan states six sigma, leading edge R&D and exceeding ISO 9000 standards define the attitude and abilities of Riordan Manufacturing. We are industry leaders in using polymer materials to provide solutions to our customers challenges (UOP, 2010). Riordan makes and manufacturers materials that fall under strict rules and regulations. Six sigma is a business strategy that seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by highlighting and removing the causes of defects. The plant in Pontiac, Michigan has alerted management via an internal memo that problems have arisen. They state that recent cost-cutting measures have lowered the quality of products and that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may launch an investigation into this situation as well as a wrongful death case. Riordan will be involved in serious litigation if it is proven by the FDA that low quality products with defects or manufactured at Riordan??™s Pontiac plant and that this led to the death of a human-being. In direct response a thorough investigation into the Pontiac plants claims must be conducted and a report disputing the claims should be forwarded to the FDA.
International Law
Riordan??™s Chinese counter-parts are totally responsible for dealing with the hazardous waste at the Hangzhou plant. Management must trust that their Chinese partners are abiding by the laws and not placing citizens and fellow employees at risk. It would be in the best interest of management to hire additional legal counsel who is fully versed in any and all laws involving regulatory issues associated with the Chinese government.
Tangible and Intellectual Property
Tangible property is the type of property we can see and touch. Delivery trucks, computers, desks, and the business and land in which the business is located (Jennings, 2006). With four locations, Riordan undoubtedly has an enormous amount of tangible property. Examples include transportation, manufacturing, and office equipment as well as the materials needed to make the actual products themselves. In order to protect all tangible property management would be well advised to create a system in which all computers and other valuable equipment and company documents can be secured and tracked. In addition security officers should be employed to provide 24 hour protection of employees and valuables. Surveillance equipment and alarm systems should also be in place to add further protection.
Intellectual property is any, asset that consist of human knowledge and ideas. Riordan??™s mission states our R&D is, and will remain the industry leader in identifying industry trends (UOP, 2010). Riordan places an emphasis on its research and development department. This means this department deals with a large number businesses, independent researchers and other entities to develop, distribute, and market products. Therefore, protection of Riordan??™s intellectual property rights as well as the entities they conduct business with is important. I recommend that legal counsel, who are experts on this subject be hired. This would allow Riordan to be protected concerning issues of trade secret protection, copyrights, trademarks, patents, and software licensing. They should also provide training to all employees on the laws that constitute product infringement and all other possible violations related to intellectual property.
Legal Forms of Business
In order to continue to be a profitable business Riordan has to abide by several existing laws. Compliance of the requirements set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will help eliminate work related injuries and lawsuits. It should be mandatory that when an employee feels unsafe or views violations he or she report them to supervisors immediately. Management must investigate all reports made by employees and routinely conduct safety inspections of all equipment and work areas. Because Riordan manufactures plastics, the company must be in full compliance of the Clean Air and Water Act. If any violations are discovered, they need to be corrected and documented immediately. Riordan is committed to providing accurate information regarding its products to ensure customers that federal and state protocol, have been met. All products carry an express warranty for the quality, abilities, or performance of the products as provided in the Uniform Commercial Code (Jennings, 2006). To avoid litigation involving product liability management must adhere to the requirements of the code and the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission Act.
Riordan manufacturing is a profit corporation with unlimited duration, free transferability of interest, limited liability for shareholders owners??™ continuity and centralized management (Jennings, 2006). In essence the aforementioned quotation means that Riordan will abide by the principles of the Model Business Act and proceed accordingly when it comes to complying by the rules and regulations of the state they are operating in. Other issues involving governance include the obligation of financial reporting. Financial reporting is a critical part of any business and allows for corporate governance to function flawlessly. Riordan management should hire competent auditors to examine all financial records and report any violations. Riordan like all other public companies are bound by the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements that call for ethical conduct and honest open financial reporting. In conclusion management must ensure that all financial records are up to date, accurate, and easy to access
Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated is a profitable business with many assets, to protect these assets a proper compliance plan that minimizes risk has to be utilized The compliance plan I have created with recommendations by COSO, provides Riordan with a blueprint for future success. If this plan is followed any violations of laws involving this company should be drastically reduced. References, (2010). Enterprise Liability, Retrieved January 17, 2010,
from,, (2009). Alternative Dispute Resolution, Retrieved January 13, 2010,
Jennings, M.M. (2006). Business: It??™s legal, Ethical and Global (7th ED), Retrieved January 17, 2010, from,
University of Phoenix. (2010), Riordan Manufacturing Simulation, Retrieved January 13, 2010, from University of Phoenix, Law/531

How the Media Manipulates the Truth – Frontline and Mcdonalds Angus Beef Burger –

???Whoever holds the power, holds the truth???Truth in the media acts as a tangible concept, where intentional manipulation and deceptive journalism occurs to embellish details in order to present to the audience a proclaimed truth. The relentless pursuit for ratings modifies ethical behaviour as the media distorts and constructs truth to suit an appealing agenda. The lack of moral concerns, desire for image over substance and subversive journalism contributes to the corruption of truth evident in Rob Sitch??™s satirical current affairs series, Frontline in episodes ???…Add sex and stir??? and ???The Siege??? and Andrew Denton??™s TV series The Gruen Transfer in the episode segment Ad Crunch: ???Angus Beef Burgers??? ???The Siege???, an episode of the satirical spin-off Frontline, shows how the media constructs and distorts the truth in order to gain ratings for revenue. Frontline uses a H-8 camera and cinema verite style to create verisimilitude. The use of reconstruction and editing conveys a degree of manipulation, as seen when Brian approves the deliberate use of a mature aged psychology university student to appear as a professional psychologist, as he looks ???mature aged ??¦he??™s got a beard???. Brian adds to the falsity of the scene by suggesting the student be arranged in front of a bookcase, where the symbolic messages of knowledge and wisdom hence entices an audience into believing the credibility, professionalism and authenticity of the story. By purposely using reconstruction, Frontline is able to aesthetically tamper with what is regarded as ineffective; evident in Marty??™s intentional use of posture and body language in ???crouching down??? in front of a police car to emphasise the danger and unlawful activity surrounding his report site. This manipulation is further sensationalised by crossing back to Mike Moor??™s provocative comments of equating the siege to a ???Rambo situation???. The Hollywood allusion over-dramatises the situation while the repeated use of the word ???gun??? reinforces the notion of danger as Forbes is suggested to be a ???former war veteran???, hence hyperbolically selling the truth for popular broadcasting and rating advantages.The Gruen Transfer, a television show specialising in critiquing advertisements uses a panel of media industry experts to look at the techniques agencies employ to manipulate reality and gain economic success. McDonalds utilises the catchphrase ???it??™s a little bit fancy??? to entice consumers into believing the premium quality present, thus encouraging consumers to indulge. The non-diegetic soundtrack of a symphony of violins playing orchestral music denotes the sense of sophistication felt in buying an Angus Beef Burger. The burger itself is assembled throughout the ad, where the use of slow motion potently enhances the intricacy and delicate process of this product as well as the audience??™s gustatory senses. The belief of quality determined by price is supported through the use of emotive words such as ???fancy??? and ???snazzy??? as these ostentatious adjectives imply that McDonald??™s Angus burger is ???accessible premium??? where the price for quality is affordable, thus highlighting the companies advertising strategies for profit. The economic word ???premium??? implies quality value, and this effectively appeals the targeted demographic who still expect a ???6 dollar meal???. Truth is manipulated by marketing, as the ???angus beef??™ burger has pre-existed, however by stating that it is ???a little bit fancy???, McDonalds is able to popularize a product that was previously unrecognised. The advertisement shows how the media enhances the truth to gain monetary advantage as seen in the Wil Anderson??™s reflection that ???the cash registers are still ringing to the tune of an extra 2 million dollars a week???.The unscrupulous methods used by media is likewise revealed in the Frontline episode, ???..Add sex and stir???. Frontline is a highly constructed text as use of satire and false pathos is exercised freely in Brookes story on sportswomen. The controversial nature of a ???leso??™s story??? is exaggerated to adapt to Brians sentiment that ???sport rates, sex rates, put the two together and you??™ve got dynamite!???. Through altering visual and sound devices to accrue higher ratings, Brookes journalism can be perceived as unethical as she requests to ???just [change] the question slightly??? in which she ultimately changes a ???boring??™ story on women in sports to one of exaggerated gender discrimination. Brooke??™s ???noddies??? are filmed after interviewing; denoting the constructed reactions and disinterest the industry really has. Further embellishment of details is sensationalised in the fictionalised dramatisation of the shower room scene. Through the tongue-in-cheek re-enactment, Frontline uses close up shots of near naked women in steamy showers acting provocatively. This, coupled with sinister orchestral music suggests a highly sexualised angle and hence a distortion of the truth. This allows for audience interest and engagement, thus boosting ratings. Brooke??™s integrity is ironically distorted when she uses chequebook journalism to ???bury her??? post-interview by sending Alison off to Queensland. This obsession with ratings and Brooke??™s need for success reinforces the falsity of on-screen media. Furthermore, through Brian??™s statement ???It??™s just a story, what??™s??™ at stake??? the oblivious attitude is conveyed to show medias unawareness of the repercussions that may occur due to their thoughtless behaviour. The truth becomes a commodity whereby media falsity uses the audience as its competitive market for capitalist gain.
Ultimately through selectively misrepresenting the truth, Frontline??™s satirical approach overexposes the length of distortion to deceptively compel ratings, as similarly seen in McDonald??™s Angus Beef Burger ad.

Corporate Compliance Plan

Running Head: Corporate Compliance PlanCorporate Compliance PlanUniversity of PhoenixTashia ThomasJune 20, 2010The purpose for this paper is to create a corporate compliance plan for Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization. This plan will focus on the management of legal liabilities of the company??™s officers and directors. This plan will discuss alternative dispute resolutions, enterprise and product liability, international law, and tangible and intellectual property. This plan will also discuss governance, prevention and management guidelines, enterprise risk, and laws that the company must adhere to.ADR Any disputes or complaints against the company will be settled using alternative dispute resolution (ADR). An ADR will allow the company to resolve issues without the use of an attorney and is quicker and less costly than a court hearing. The first ADR process the company will use is negotiation. This will allow the parties to voluntarily settle the issue and be able to continue to do business with each other. If an agreement cannot be reached and the matter can??™t be resolved using negotiation the company will move on to mediation.
Mediation will be used in good faith to resolve any issue on an individual basis. Mediation will take place either in person, via email, or telephone conference. The parties involved in the mediation will be the director of both parties and the mediator. The mediator will be an agreed upon professional and the cost for that person will be split between the parties. The mediation process will not last more than 10 working days. The mediation agreement is will be considered an independent agreement and will be binding upon both parties only if both parties agree to be bound by the agreement.
In the event that the company is still unable to reach an agreement through mediation,
the parties shall move on to arbitration. The arbitration will be handled using a neutral, binding individual. As with the mediator the cost for the arbitrator will be split between the two parties. Arbitration proceedings will be considered a final attempt to settle a dispute before moving into actual litigation. Arbitration proceedings cannot begin without first attempting the other ADR processes. The decision of the arbitration will be considered binding by all parties involved.Enterprise and Product Liability
Enterprise liability is defined as criminal liability imposed on the entire company for a crime committed by an employee, partner, department, or unit within the company. Product liability is defined as the legal responsibility of the manufactures, whole sellers, and retailers to the buyer or users of the damages or injuries caused by the use of defective products.
In order to reduce matters in enterprise liability Riordan will hold all partners, subsidiaries, and subcontractors to the same high standards that the in house computers are held to uphold. Using quality control of all products produced by Riordan along with strategic planning will also assist in reducing the possibility of enterprise liability.
In order to reduce matters in product liability Riordan manager and employees must understand the liability standards of the company. The company must also create a product liability statement that clarifies the company??™s liability. This statement should be delivered to all who purchase products for Riordan. Riordan current has a documented form explaining the operating system. This operation system includes information on production, inventory, supply chain, project process, and communications. The company should continue with the normal recording keeping procedures.International Law
International law is defined as the body of law that governs the legal relations between or among the states or nations. Most international business is done through agreements, charters, compromises, conventions, memorandums, protocols, treaties, and understandings. Riordan has a plant in China so it is vital that the company follow all international laws. The directors and officers in both the US and China must have an understanding of the fundamental principles of jurisprudence and the general principals of law. Understanding international law will provide the company with their obligations and rights within foreign lands.
Tangible and Intellectual Property
Tangible property is defined as property that has physical substance and can be touched. The facilities owned or rented by Riordan would be considered tangible property. The products produced by the company to be sold would also be considered tangible property. The company should retain leases and deeds for property owned or rented.Intellectual property (IP) is defined as the creations of the mind, inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. IP is split into two sections: industrial property and copyrights. Riordan must make sure that the lawyers keep updated records of the patents and copyrights of the company. The research and development department along with the company??™s legal team will ensure that new designs are properly patented before releasing the product to the public.It is vital that the employees of the company recognize and understand what needs to be protected and how to protect company property. This understanding will protect the rights of the company, the products, and the employees.Legal Forms of Business and GovernanceRiordan is currently a corporation. Corporations are business entities governed by officers, a board of directors, and Executive Committees (Cheeseman, 2010). The company has shareholders and a board that assist in the decision making procedures. The directors and officers have certain rights and duties to the corporation and its shareholders (Cheeseman,2010). Following the guidelines of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the audit committee will be used to maintain internal control and provide proper financial reporting to the directors and shareholders. All employees of Riordan will be provided with a handbook as well as have access to any updates that apply to that handbook. It is very important that all employees of Riordan have any understanding of the rules, regulations, and laws that apply to the company.ConclusionIt is vital that all business use a compliance plan. Compliance plans assist companies in a broad range of management issues. The plan for Riordan provides investigative and consulting in areas that will assist the company in continued success. The organization will do anything possible to ensure that all activities are done in the best interest of Riordan. Riordan will use an ADR to resolve most disputes, turning to the legal team only if the ADR does not work. Riordan will provide all employees with the proper training and documentation to protect the company and the employees. This documentation will assure that all are educated and have an understanding of the laws as they apply to the company. Riordan strives for success and will do their best to maintain solid relationships with its partners, consumers, and employees.ReferencesCheeseman. H. R. (2010). Business law: Legal environment, online commerce, business ethics, and international issues (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.? 
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