How to Build a Culture of Peace in Nigeria

Will Nigeria ever be peaceful Is a culture of peace feasibleIs it possible for tribes to live together,co-existing in harmony,irrespective of their religious beliefs and backgroundThese and many more are questions needing swift answers.The civil war between 1967-1970 took approximately 1million lifes.the modakeke-ife communal fracas in the south-weestern region wasted thousands of lifes,the Jos killings,Boko Haram??™s and of recent,issues of kidnapping and the bomb explosion during the 50th year independence celebration,shows the level with which peace has degraded in the country,that is if we have ever had a totally peaceful era.The question on many minds is write my essay legit, including mine,is ???how then do we make peace reign in this country???.
In what ways or by what means can feasible measures be put together to foster freedom from anxiety and war.As the cliche goes,Rome was not built in a day,definitely peace will not come to Nigeria on a platter of gold,not even a nation torn apart by tribal sentiment will that happen easily.Few of many factors that causes unrest in the nation are:RELIGIOS DIFFERENCES;INTER-TRIBAL HATRED AND ENMITY;REVENUE ALLOCATION, to mention but a few.
For peace to be achieved,Nigerians must be made to see that we all are ONE,irrespective of cultural diversification,tribal differences,religion and social status.Education,be it formal or informal has being a great tool in times past and present times,useful in informing the general public about diverse subjects,the young and old are involved in this.Hence for the cause of peace to be achieved,peace advocating subjects must be inculcated and imbibed into our educational schemes ,both in the primary and secondary level of education,the 6:3:3 part that is.A subject should be named PEACE,and when this young minds are taught that we stand united and fall divided for 6years,then how will their minds not be full of love and oneness towards all citizens.The citizenry must be made to realise that no tribe or sect of people is greater than the other,the yoruba man must not see the igala man as a member of a minority tribe,but as a brother and fellow Nigerian,the igbo woman must see the itshekiri woman as her sister and not a minor citizen.Peace will be a mirage if we continue classing first ,second or third-classed citizen,equality must be our state of mind.ALL HUMANS ARE EQUAL.ALL NIGERIANS ARE ONE
Of recent times,the South-South region has always stand up to say no to what they call:INJUSTICE.Militancy became the last resort for them,even despite amnesty programmes of the federal government,the region has not been developed despite their oil resources.The negligence on the part of the federal government to their pleas has made cases of kidnappings of expatriates incessant and high,which continually paints a bad image of our dear nation to the outside world.Oil bunkering has become a job for youths in the region,causing reduction of oil barrel output and loss of lives resulting from explosion,all these because the south-south people do not look too relevant like others to the nation,is it only their petroleum that is useful to usuntil the issue of emancipation is attented to in the region,the country is bound to be in choas and fracas emerging from the militants groups.Peace can and will only be achieved when all tribes receive equal and fair treatment from the government in power.
Peace is definetly desirable,why are there religious crisis when we claim to serve one Godwhen we see that a God is for all of us ,then we can be rest assured of living in harmony despite of our religions.When members of different tribes marry one another and a tapa family in-laws a fulani or benin family,then we can over look tribal differences and co-habitate like we ought to.Peace is a cause,one that will not materialise except our mind deep down want it.GOOD PEOPLE,GREAT NATION

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