How to Check and Replace the Alternator on Your Vehicle

How to Check and Replace the Alternator on your Vehicle
Everyone over the age of sixteen usually knows how to drive, but many do not know how to perform basic repairs on their cars. Your car alternator holds an electric charge and charges your car battery. If the alternator is not working properly, your battery will eventually lose its charge and will stop working. Have you ever been driving down the road at night, and then all of a sudden your lights go off Well that is a tell tell sign that your alternator needs to be replaced, so I??™m going to tell you in depth how to check and replace the alternator in your vehicle.
Firstly, you will need to turn the ignition on and open the car hood. While the car Is running, remove the negative battery cable from the battery. If the car stalls and dies, your alternator is bad. This is because the alternator is not generating enough electricity to keep the car running. If the car keeps running properly after disconnecting the cable, the problem could be with another part of your vehicle should i write my essay in present tense.
Next, you must leave the negative battery cable disconnected, and disconnect the positive cable at this time. This is an especially important step, as all the electricity for the entire vehicle goes through the alternator. Now, on the face of the motor you will see a tensioner. It looks similar to a normal pulley, but the difference is that the tensioner itself is bolted to the motor. You will see a bolt in the center of the tensioner, and will need a ratchet and socket of the same size to use. Turn the bolt on the tensioner like you are going to tighten it with the ratchet. The tensioner is going to swivel to the left and release the tension on the belt as to remove it.
Now that you have removed the belt from the alternator, you will need to remove the power wires. On top of the alternator, you will see two wires bolted there. These are the power wires. You will remove the nut that holds these wires to the alternator with a wrench. There are usually two bolts holding an alternator to its mounts. One bolt maintains tension on the belts, and the other holds the alternator in place. You will first loosen the top bolt, but not remove it, as this will need to stay in place to hold the alternator in place. You will next loosen and remove the second bolt, located more towards the bottom of the alternator. Now you are ready to fully remove the first loosened bolt, and fully remove the alternator from the engine.
You are now ready to replace your alternator. The good news is that determining which part of the system is doing its part and which part is a little tired or about to quit altogether is easier than ever. Many auto parts stores now have portable diagnostic equipment that can be wheeled out to sniff out in minutes whats going on with the electrical system. Since your alternator has gone out permanently, replacing it is a relatively easy job. You will follow the above steps in reverse to install the new alternator in place of the old.

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