How to Attend Postcrossing Program

How to Attend the Postcrossing Program
Have you ever craved to travel all around the world without spending any money Have you ever wanted to broaden your horizon and learn more about exotic customs from other countries Your wishes are going to come true by attending the postcrossing program. Postcrossing is an online program, which allows its members to send and receive a postcard back from a random member somewhere over the globe. By attending this plan, you will be likely to not only improve your writing skills but also be exposed to different languages from other members. Taking part in the postcrossing project is simple when you follow these instructions. The first step is to sign up as a postcrossing member. Provide your approximate location, account details and your complete address in English. After you receive the confirmed e-mail, log in, and then you will become one of the postcrossing members. The second step is to request for a postcard. All you need to do is click the button, ???send a postcard???. After that, you will receive an e-mail with the address and postcard ID of another member??™s. A postcard ID is a unique code that can identify your postcard. Next, check up your receiver??™s profile and get to know more about him or her and what types of postcards he or she is interested in. The third step is sending your postcard along with the postcard ID. Write something special messages on your postcard, for example, some Chinese words and their English translation, or introduce some Taiwanese traditions and cultures. Remember to write the receivers address at the right corner and stick the stamp at the upper right corner of the postcard. After that, you have to wait patiently. As soon as the member receives your postcard and registers the postcard ID, you are able to obtain a postcard from another random assigned member. Finally, you will need to register your postcard ID as well, and then you can request for another postcard to be sent to another member. So, are you ready to send your first postcard

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