How Themes and Ideas Are Represented in Mandragora

Mandragora EssayHow The themes & Ideas are represented in mandragora100 years after the Dunarling shipwreck, two youngsters discovered dolls hidden secretly in a cave. These youngsters Adam Hardy and Catriona Chisholm, along with them were the school bullies, Richard Vernon and Mike Carter. The dolls discovered were Swith who was cursed with fire, Agley with mischance, Smeddum with foulness and Snell was cursed with the final destruction.
Adam and Catriona form a bond with each other, and as time unfolds and Adam starts having visions of the past he realises that Catriona looks just like Margaret Colquhoun, a survivor of the Dunarling. Adam tracks down two of these dolls that were held by Mike Carter and Richard Vernon. The dolls have control over Mike & Richard and posses them into setting fire to the hardware store, poisoning the water tank and crashing a bus. Tam Dubh, the fifth mandrake doll, warns Adam what is going to happen, so he manages to stop the last two events from completely occurring. Adam then destroys all of the dolls by throwing them over a cliff into the ocean. Throughout this story we have main themes & ideas which tie the events together, but how are they represented I??™m focusing on one main theme, Love & that its a challenge worth going for & a second subordinate theme that love does not change over time.How the theme of love is represented in the novel is through many different techniques.
First of all how does David MacRobbie convey through his writing what love means He uses the technique of the characters actions to signify that love is a challenge worth going for because the rewards are great. This is represented through the determination of Adam never wanting to give up on his feelings for Catriona. When Catriona believed all the rumors about Adam poisoning the water tank, she was angry and disappointed in him, but he still kept his head high and persisted to convince her she was wrong, this was achieved when Catriona saw the stained clothes in Mike??™s Garage.Another technique that is used is through the setting. The setting of a scene can represent different themes, in this story we have the cave which symbolises love. It starts off with Adam Hardy preparing and planing himself to approach his one true love Catriona Chisholm. He smiles to himself and thought about how he??™d approach her. ???Hi, Catriona, doing a bit of beach combing, eh Mind if I walk with you???. Once he builds up his confidence he is embarrassed & humiliated by Richard Vernon and Mike Carter. He is spun widely around by Richard who pushes and sends him rolling down a cliff path. While this is taking place Catriona is watching and hurries to his side and scoops sand off to free him. After Mike and Richard appear to the scene Catriona spots a small triangular opening which appears from the sand, developing to be big enough for someone to crawl inside. Suddenly Catriona realises that this cave could be ???their cave??™, Jamie Ramsay??™s cave, which people call it. The cave which Jamie Ramsay and Margaret Colquhoun sheltered in for 3 days. They hid from the storm together which creates the feeling of safety and security which represents the theme of love.My subordinate second theme is how love doesn??™t change over time, this is represented through the similarities of the parallel lives Adam and Catriona experience in comparison to Jamie and Margaret survivors of the Dunarling shipwreck. A similarity which love is connected to is the challenges that the parallel lives take on together, and how in everyone of those challenges it brings them closer and they work together and never give up. The challenges that both parallel lives experience are the fire on the Dunarling ship & the attempt of the fire in the hardware store, The poisoning of the water on the ship & how the water tank is also nearly poisoned, how the masts were cut on the ship & how the brakes were cut on the bus. Throughout the novel these events bring Adam & Catriona closer together which makes their relationship stronger and develops into love which is also shown in lives of Jamie & Margaret. Through this Macrobbie creates the meaning of love and that it??™s the same as it was 100 years.He also shows it through the dialogue. ???Thats what lips were made for???, Catriona said and kissed him again and this time he vowed she??™d have to be the one to break away. Soft dialogue & emotive language is used to express passionate feelings of love which is another aspect of how love is represented. Throughout the story Adam is falling more and more in love with Catriona and the dialogue shared between the two characters becomes more intimate.In conclusion the theme love in this novel is represented through different techniques & Macrobbie relies on these techniques to show the love between his characters. My main theme love is firstly represented through the characters actions. Macrobbie conveys that love is a challenge worth going for because the rewards are great this is shown through the determination of Adam never wanting to give up on his feelings for Catriona. Through the technique of setting, the cave symbolises love, the use of soft dialogue creates the feeling of love between the two characters. The second theme connected to these was having the characters experience parallel lives which shows that love doesn??™t change over time, Its the same as it was 100 years ago when Jamie Ramsay and Margaret Colquhoun survived the shipwreck which was a difficult, intense & emotional experience and now in present Adam Hardy and Catriona Chisholm have also fallen in love.

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