How the Sun Came About

???Here Comes the Sun???
There once lived a boy, Eric, and a girl, Hannah. They met in the forest while trying to find food and water. The two fell madly in love. Hannah and Eric shared their shelter, food, drink, and warmth. The only problem was, they never could see each other because there was no light. The world was the midnight sky and was extremely cold, every second of the day. People stayed warm by making clothes out of plants and animals, but clothes did not do enough. Most died in their twenties by being frozen to death.
On a gloomy night, during one of the coldest months of the year, the sky was out of control. It was pouring rain and it did something no one had ever seen. LIGHTNING. Booming out of control, the lightning scared Eric and Hannah. It had been the first time they could see something. They were very, very scared, but they found something that may have been one of the greatest discoveries in the world. Lightning struck a small tree next to their hut. It caught on fire and burned for the next few days.
Eric and Hannah loved this fire. Fire made it so they could finally see each other. Eric was smart and handsome. His triangular face with his sharp chin was great for killing bugs on the ground to eat. Hannah was strong and beautiful, but one day, she put her head too close to the fire, and burned her eyebrows off. Hannah was very sad and upset. She mourned every day after the incident. She felt like an outcast and wanted her eyebrows back. But with this magnificent tree, they could cook, boil water to bathe, and stay warm during the coldest nights. What they didn??™t know was that fire burns out, just like this tree will burn out and fall into ashes.
The fire finally burned out after a week. Eric was very sad. He wanted the fire back and couldn??™t wait until the next thunderstorm, which wouldn??™t happen until another two weeks. Hannah, on the other hand was extremely happy. She was happy by the fact that no one could see her eyebrows again. She stopped her mourning and became happy again. But her happiness ended after two weeks. Another thunderstorm came, and lighting struck another small tree. This time, Eric wanted this fire to last as long as possible, so he made a plan. He realized that the last fire didn??™t last long because it was a small tree. The problem was, the fire again caught onto a small tree. Eric??™s plan was to find the tallest tree and put it on fire. He took a big branch from the burning tree and out it against he tallest tree in the forest. The big tree caught on fire. This tree was so tall that it touched a planet high up in the sky. The planet caught on fire and stayed on fire until who know when it will die out. The world was a place full of light and warmth. Everyone could see and was never cold, so the life span increased dramatically. Poor Hannah.. she has to go through her eyebrow situation again. Eric couldn??™t stand the pain Hannah was going through, so one night, he too got too close the the fire, and burned off his eyebrow. THE END

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