How Successful Were the Nazis in Creating a Volksgemeinschaft

How successful were the Nazis in creating a VolksgemeinschaftBetween the years 1933-39 the Nazi party set upon an idea of creating their own race of racially pure Germans, an Aryan race. To do this they had to exclude other people, such as unfit and not racially pure Germans from ???their??™ race, they set upon the challenge of Volksgemeinschaft. Volksgemeinschaft is a people??™s community, where everybody was equal in race. The Nazi party was prepared to go to extreme lengths to ensure that they got this racially pure race, killing unfit Germans was a solution in the years 1933-39 with the euthanasia program. The Nazi??™s wanted to alienate all other races, including the Jews. Hitler wanted a community joined only by blood and race, anyone else was not considered to be part of the Volksgemeinschaft program. Hitler wanted his Aryan race to spread throughout the world and for the Nazi party to become inferior. By the years 1936 and 1937 Hitler and the Nazi party were strong within Germany, the support of the Nazi party was immense and Hitler saw this as an opportunity to radicalise the Nazi party, take things further and more extreme. Hitler announced new rules for Jews. Hitler first began increasing pressure on them to ???voluntarily??™ sell their business??™ this was the beginning of the attack on the Jews. Hitler pressured Jews to sell their well earning business for well under the market value to Aryan race German. With less Jews in charge of business??™ this would leave more area for Germans to get in on the market, with the Jews removed so was competition. The net was slowly tightening on the Jews with Goring introducing two decrees in 1938 saying that Jews were restricted to how much raw materials they could receive, the second decree announced that all public contracts would be removed from Jewish businesses. This was the first major stepping stones in the persecution of the Jews. As many Jews in Germany at the time had well paid jobs, such as Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers, the Nazi??™s needed to take this away from them, or decrease their earnings and stature in the community, by 1939 any Jew who had these jobs were forbidden to practice. For the Volksgemeinschaft to work the Nazi first had to exclude the second major majority, the Jews, they did this effectively by use of concentration camps. All Jewish people in Germany in the years 1938 had to wear identity cards with a large ???J??™ stamped on them , indicating that they were Jewish. Jews were being segregated out of Germany society. In introducing Volksgemeinschaft Hitler had to solve the problem of the Jews, he did this relatively harshly towards the end of his spree, but it did work. The German community had no problems with the goings on and Volksgemeinschaft was on its way to being implemented in Germany in the years 1933-39. Hitler had to do many tasks to succeed in introducing the Volksgemeinschaft; he wanted to create a large field of German pure breeds, to do this he needed to increase the population drastically. He introduced a policy where all women should stay at home, no woman should work. Hitler persuaded the woman of Germany to fall pregnant, offering incitements to the woman that did fall pregnant. This way the population of Pure Germans would increase. Hitler concentrated lots on the fact that he wanted many women to stay at home, cook the tea for their husbands and to create more Aryan race children. Also Hitler thought of the other side of this, he ordered the destruction of many disabled and unfit babies and young people who were created either by unfit Germans them self, which were not racially pure, and even handicapped Aryan children. Hitler wanted his race to have no weaknesses. If women didn??™t work, there would be increased family allowance and the honour Cross of German Mother Hood . Woman would be offered extra payments from the Nazi??™s if they were to stay at home and create these Aryan race children, mothers were rewarded with money for the work they did. This was all introduced in order to entice Women from the work place back to their homes and to have babies. Increasing the population was a well thought out plan for the future made by Hitler; he did have long term plans for himself and Volksgemeinschaft. The Nazi party also passed new laws that were to change the curriculum in schools, this way the Nazi party could influence the young and get the youth hooked on the Nazi party at a young age, when people are most influential. Hitler set up a number of youth schemes in the years 1933-39. The Hitler youth movement was very popular amongst most German children . Hitler set up camps where the school children could play ???war??™ and pretend to be in battles. This was Hitler??™s idea of building up the Aryan race for the future, the future of war and other wild plans Hitler had at the time. Hitler had many things going his way at this time, he had the Jews under control, where he was gathering them up and sending them to either concentration camps or putting them in shanty towns, where many would go days without food and water. In Hitler??™s eyes the Jews were slowly but surely being ???exterminated??™ Hitler also used the same methods for other social groups that could cause a burden on Germany, beggars were taking off the street, put in either work houses or concentration camps and also homosexuals were rounded up and the same fate waited for them. As time went on Hitler??™s methods of clearing Germany on his hindrances was getting more and more radical, more and more ruthless. He was prepared to do whatever it took to create this Aryan race he dreamt of. Hitler also contradicted himself in many of his policies, Hitler always was defiant in woman staying and home and being the idle homemaker, but when Germany hit low times approaching the war he needed all the woman back in work doing the men??™s jobs, and making military supplies(rearmament). Hitler also was fully for family values, how an ideal couple shall make lots of racially pure babies for Germany, but also in his aim to produce as many new bourns as he could he contradicted himself again, by sending the SS to purposely made brothels where the SS would act as husbands and impregnate as many woman as they could. This is the total opposite of Hitler??™s policy of traditional family values. Towards the end of the 1930??™s things started to decline for Hitler ever so slightly. The support that was there for him previously was no longer, many were pulling out of the Nazi party and its extreme policies. Hitler did try to gain back what he had lost, by promising the middle class more jobs and even gifts if they were to go Nazi. Hitler implemented Volksgemeinschaft up to a point where society would allow. Hitler??™s wild ideas passed over many of German people??™s community heads. He could no longer get away with some of the plans he had come with, the euthanasia program was a huge risk, and the public never took to it. Hitler??™s support began the decline. Aiming at the majority he was giving promises that he could not deliver. Hitler??™s majority of support came from the middle class; these were the people that found it hard to turn a blind eye to Hitler??™s promises of an easier life, more money per head etc. The lower working class supported Hitler throughout Germanys regions and found it irresistible to not get interested in Hitler??™s air filled promises. At its peak the Nazi party was a party which could do no wrong, they were constantly campaigning round Germany and even sabotaging other party??™s elections and speeches and turning the blame back on the victim??™s party, all to gain votes, the other parties could not do as much rallying and campaigning as the Nazi party for one main reason, money. Hitler??™s Nazi party were not scrimping and saving and charging their own ???flock??™ to come to meetings like other parties, Hitler has his party well funded and organised. Much of the funds that Hitler had been from big business, sort of like an investment, they give the money to Hitler now, and he will make it worth their ???while??™ in the future, by eliminating the threat of Jews and communism and competition in general. Many big businesses were scared that if communism got it, then there lively hoods would be destroyed. As all things under the communism rule has to be shared, so big factories would fall to the government and the owners would become simple employers. This was crushing way of life for many so a lot of big businesses were prepared to pour in cash to Hitler to stop this communist ???threat??™. One of Hitler??™s most extreme policies other than the Jews was his Euthanasia program, this first started off with Euthanasia in young children but he later adapted it so that mature adults could be killed for have minor defects with their physical/mental condition. This was an effective way for him to get ???rid??™ of unfit people from Germany, and to strengthen the country further with its Aryan race. This shows that Hitler was 100% committed to introducing Volksgemeinschaft and he got so far as to introduce this extreme Euthanasia program. Hitler was big plans to create this Volksgemeinschaft idea, how far he got it debateable but he certainly implemented in far enough for the community to start asking questions and what the Nazi party were doing was in anyway justifiable

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