Core Values Paper

Core values are the principles and standards established by an organization. These values are shown through all managerial decisions, customer service, community support, level of success, and employee retention. Values may differ from one organization to the next but contain the overall basic structure. These are a few honored through companies; honesty, integrity, professionalism, respect and dignity (2007). Management??™s values can been seen throughout the organization and have a direct affect on the internal environment (Dombrowski, 2006). Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) falls into this same category. KFF??™s values are centered on great customer support, providing high quality foods and strong community involvement.
My business related values are honesty at all levels, leading by example at all times, respectful working environment, providing prompt customer service, supplying quality products and supporting the local community. The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory results, profiled me as most closely aligned with ???Obligation??? and least aligned with ???Equity.??? It also stated I had a Deontological philosophy. According to this philosophy, an ???action is considered morally good because of characteristics of the action itself, not because the product of the action is good???. (Deontological Ethics) Based on this profile, I feel a duty to do what is ???morally??™ right through rational thinking. This relates directly to my end vision of Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) to implement a new ordering system to make the process more efficient and effective and offer the customer the highest quality of products available.
KFF has established a great reputation with customers. My vision was to expand on this foundation and offer the greatest value to the customer. By transitioning to bi-weekly deliveries, customers would be assured the freshest produce and vegetables throughout each week and minimize the chance of empty shelves. Customer loyalty is established when customer??™s feel their needs are being met and are a top priority. By ensuring they are offered the freshest produce at the lowest possible price, customer service is achieved. Through this process, KFF would have been positioned to accommodate the needs of their loyal customer database.
Another trait of my values profile was a sense to foster personal growth. This value was demonstrated through the one-on-one training Kathy was to provide to the store managers. This process would not only train employees to assume new responsibilities, but it would also reassure Kathy of her importance within the company. During this training process Kathy and each manager would be required to work side by side each day and learn the procedures required to implement the new system. Through their interaction, each person would have the opportunity to develop a respectful and professional relationship, which instills a sense of self-worth within the company. Kathy would also have been available to interact daily with customers in the stores and establish personal relationships. Through these interactions, Kathy could have offered her personal suggestions on products and listened to the needs and wants of her customers.
Companies have the ability to create an honest and respectful environment, and employees have the duty to implement these rules (2008). To achieve this value, Kathy should have communicated the expectations for each employee and held each person accountable for their actions. Weekly meetings with employees could have enforced the strict rules surrounding these issues. By offering initial training sessions with new employees, Kathy could have expressed her desired participation and expectation for the future. Reporting positive feedback to employees from customers would also help ensure they continue to understand the importance of the environment to the success of the company.
Leadership is a common value within most organizations in the United States. Developing leadership skills is essential for promotion within a company. As one employee is promoted, a new position is available for another employee promotion. This process continues throughout the company to the lowest level of employment. By implementing the new ordering system, Kudler Fine Foods allowed current managers to advance to a new role and open new opportunities to lower staff members. KFF would create leadership positions by developing new roles for each manager. This would also allow other employees to take on additional responsibly within the company.
Values are an important aspect of any business. However, establishing values is only the first step in the process. Managers have a responsibility to not only implement each value, but to demonstrate them throughout each day. Expressing the importance of theses values is critical in continuing the success of the company. New employees need to understand the ethical values surrounding their new work environment. Without proper training, new employees are doomed to break these values.

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