Core Mil Values and Leadership

CORE MIL VALUES AND LEADERSHIP1. Since the Army is collective and regimented org the values of Army and its leadership will have to be a two kinds :-(a) Collective.(i) Loyalty. The loyalty should be to:-(aa) Subordinates.
(ab) Superiors.
(ac) The Unit.
(ad) The Army.
(ae) The Nation.
(af) To the divinity within oneself.(ii) Team spirit and espirit-de-corps.(b) Individualist.2. The army is an org which is collective in its principle and hierarchical in its structure and functioning. The structure is based on the following :-(a) A system of chain command.
(b) Accountability.
(c) A system of just awards and correct punishment.3. For the functioning and efficiency of the system an indl has to subordinate himself to the org. Thus the indl subordinates himself to the gp (Army). The Army is subordinate to the nation. Thus all ideals in the Army are collective whether honesty, integrity and loyalty. Thus the soldier is always thinking of the nations welfare first, his gps next and his own in the end. This is what constitutes the famous words of Chetwode which is the IMA Credo. The nation and the Army is responsible to see to it that the indl is made efficient to fulfill his task.4. Motivation Profile. The four motivation factors in various combination which impact a man joining the Army are:-(a) A career.
(b) Spirit of adventure.
(c) A sense of Patriotism.
(d) A feel for str, sacrifice and heroism.5. The first two factors are most imp for an indl and the org is resp to see to it that he is comfortable and once it is done it is his resp not to carry these motives beyond a pt for then, they become a source of worry and demotivation. Most of ills in the army today stem from this overstress of career and monetary motives. Thus they become sources of demotivation as they do not come from our deeper self but from external sources and are dependent on the opinion of the others. They are centered around the ego and desire. They have their place and if allowed to go beyond a pt it will lead to careerism and unbridled egoism. Therefore an offr should right from the beginning aim at the third and fourth motivating factors.6. Imp of an indl must be recognised and not minimised for always it is the indl who progress and pursues the rest to progress. We must therefore aim at permitting an indl to grow in turn the collective org will progress.Individualist7. An offr must know his subject thoroughly and must thirst for more knowledge. Certain indispensable psychological qualities are:-(a) Example.
(b) Courage.
(c) Audacity.
(d) Honour of the warrior.
(e) Truth.
(f) Sacrifice of the lower to the higher self.
(g) Self control and self mastery.
(h) Integrity.
(j) Humility.8. Leadership is the key to sources and motivation, and motivation level of a unit is directly related to the motivation of the Commanding Officer similarly for the subunits is the coy cdr. Although the qualities of a leader have many common pts for all stages there are distinct difference at the levels one for 2/Lt to Maj (Jr Leadership) one for Col to the highest posn.9. Certain qualities in Jr leadership which need to be dwelled are :-(a) Set example.
(b) Be calm and speak in a cont low tone.
(c) Take pers interest in all the soldiers of your unit.
(d) Lead from the front.
(e) Learn art of effective comn both oral & writing.
(f) Never humiliate a soldier in front of others.
(g) Punish only when absolutely necessary.Combination of Ideals10. Since the unit is the most imp level of collective Army org the max conc on motivation has to be placed at this level. There are two possible ways to do it :-(a) Encourage the CO to give greater responsibility to the soldiers and young offr to involve in them whenever possible in the decision making process.(b) Evolve team spirit, espirit-de-corps and indl motivation by having Sainik Sammelans. These must be held regularly with greater transparency its conduct and follow up remedial action should be taken.THE STAGES OF ETHICAL VALUES11. The core values of the Indian soldier are honour honesty and integrity, loyalty, competence, unity and courage. These are indispensable qualities in every offr and soldier. Therefore they have to be developed and practiced. At the lowest level for a Jawan these values are instincts which he does not care to understand or at most times these are given a religious colouring. He thus look upon his CO as a god.12. A young cadet or a more rational Jawan will try a give a rational explanation to these values and question them for a rational Answer. But these values escape the old of reason and soar up beyond into the spiritual. They tend towards the absolute and can??™t be defined in rational terms.CONCLUSION13. Our ethical impulses and activities begin like all the rest in the infra rational and take their rise from the subconscious. They arise as an instruct of right, an instinct of loss, of self subordination and solidarity with others. Men obeys the law w/o inquiry into the why and therefore, it corrects men crude and often carrying misperceptions of ethical instinct, separates and purifies his confused associations, shows as best it can??™t the relations of his often clashing moral ideas, tries to arbitrate and compromise between their conflicting claims arranges a sys of many sided rule of ethical action.

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